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Farms for sale in Norfolk


Guide price

458.09 acres

  • Formerly setting for Redgrave Hall
  • 6 bedroom converted stables
  • 2 further properties
  • Extensive grass, wood and arable
  • Agricultural buildings

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Guide price

365 acres

  • 280 acres irrigated arable land
  • 16 million gallon summer abstraction licence
  • 13 acres of permanent pasture
  • 65 acres of attractive, mature woodland
  • Well accessed from public highway

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Guide price

232.16 acres

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Guide price

124.82 acres

  • 5 bedroom period farmhouse
  • 3 bedroom cottage
  • 16,000 hen free range egg unit
  • Good quality arable land
  • Marsh land fronting the River Waveney

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Guide price

144.32 acres

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Guide price

87.84 acres

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